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Get Ready to Vote!

Secretary of State Website (My Voter Page)

  • Check Your Voter Status
  • Verify Local Voting Rules & Locations
  • Double Check Your Voting Location and hours of operation
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Did You Know?

Why Vote?

Healthcare Plan

Gov. Brian Kemp

  • Partial Medicare Expansion Affordable care act
    • 50K Georgia residents eligible
    • 80 hours of work, job training, community service or military, service required
    • $76K added to 2023 State Budget
  • Women’s Reproductive Rights
    • Possible Imprisonment

Healthcare Plan

Stacey Abrams / Joe Biden

  • Partial Medicare Expansion Affordable care act
    • 500K Georgia residents eligible
    • No work requirements
    • Federal government will provide approx. $700M to Georgia over two year
  • Women’s Reproductive Rights
    • Women choose what is best for them and their family

Civil Liberties Under Attack

  • Election laws (i.e. Georgia SB202)
  • Voting Rights (i.e. John Lewis Act)
  • Gun Violence/Crime/Mass Shootings
  • Police Reform (i.e. George FloydBill)


  • Critical Race Theory – Loss of funding for schools teaching accurate American history (i.e. Slavery, The Holocaust)
  • Book bans/Censorship
  • Privatizing of public school education (i.e. Charter schools)

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